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Ships For Sale

Self-propelled deck barge TBN0761

Self-propelled deck barge of 5150mt dwt. Built in 2015 in Сhina. Dimensions 93.9 X 20.8 X 5,6m (depth).

Crab catcher TBN0760

Crab catcher with Ice Class 1C of 129mt DWT built in 1992 in Russia. 1 hold of 98cbm total capacity.

Chemical tanker TBN0759

Chemical tanker of 19981mt DWT built in 2007, Japan. 20 tanks of 22187 cbm total capacity.

Chemical tanker TBN0758

Oil/Chemical tanker of 7 014mt DWT with ice class 1A. Built in 1998 in Italy.

Gearless Сontainer vessel TBN0757

Gearless Сontainer vessel of 10263mt DWT built in 2020 in Turkey. 749 TEU / 357 FEU

Gearless general cargo vessel TBN0756

Gearless general cargo vessel of 10659mt DWT built in 2005 in Turkey. 3 holds of 13368 cbm capacity.

Sale and purchase of vessels

Ships for Sale is one of the world’s largest web portals dedicated to the sale and purchase of commercial vessels of all types and sizes. We put a special emphasis on the niche markets of ice-classed vessels, shallow-draft vessels, sea-river type vessels and river vessels for inland trade. We have in-depth knowledge of vessels for trading in the polar waters, shallow draft waters of the Caspian Sea, oil projects in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Russia.

Our team specializes in sale/purchase and chartering of commercial vessels of various types, namely:

  • Tugs of different types and capacity (azimuth stern drive, twin-screw, single screw, Tractor type, Voith Schneider type);
  • Barges of various types and sizes (dry cargo deck barges, pontoons, submersible barges for the transportation of heavy and/or oversized cargoes, hold barges, tanker barges, push barges, hopper barges);
  • Tankers of various sizes dedicated for different trades (small bunkering tankers, water tankers, chemical tankers with IMO III, IMO II, IMO I type, with epoxide / Marineline / zinc coating, tankers with stainless steel tanks, product tankers of Handysize, MR 1, MR 2, LR 1, LR 2 types as well as crude oil tankers of Aframax, Suezmax, VLCC, ULCC types);
  • Dry cargo vessels of different sizes for different trades (coasters, Handysize, Supramax, Panamax, Capesize types, general cargo vessels, bulkers, MPPs, geared or gearless units);
  • Container carriers (geared or gearless, fully cellular, feeders or larger units);
  • Cargo ferries (Ro-Ro, Ro-Lo types, landing crafts, livestock carriers);
  • Multi-purpose vessels for transportation of a wide range of cargoes equipped with tween decks (i.e. tweendeckers);
  • Specialized vessels for transportation of project heavy and/or oversized cargoes (equipped with cranes or derricks with lifting capacity ranging from 5 tons to 300 tons, semi-submersible ships);
  • Sea-river type dry cargo vessels of Western European types (like Komarno type) and Russian types (like Omskiy, Volzhskiy, Volga, Sormovskiy, Volgo-Don, Chelsea, Amur, Volgo-Balt, Rusich, Sibirskiy, RSD03 Karelia type, RSD18 Azov 5000, RSD54 / RSD58 / RSD59 and other sea-river dry cargo vessels of "Volgo-Don max" class.
  • Sea-river type tankers of older types like Volgoneft and Lenaneft, as well as modern units like RST27 VF TANKER type which are certified to carry vegetable oils, molasses, chemical cargoes;
  • Ferries of various types (pure passenger ferries, Ro-Pax ferries, railway ferries, Day Ferries (without passenger cabins/beds), Night Ferries (with passenger cabins/beds);
  • Research vessels (seismic, hydrographic, oceanographic, polar traders);
  • Offshore supply vessels (Anchor handling tugs / Anchor handling tug suppliers - AHT / AHTS), Platform Supply Vessels / Offshore supply vessels - PSV / OSV, Multi-purpose supply vessels - MPSV, Diving support vessels - DSV, cable laying vessels, pipelay vessels, Fast support & intervention vessels - FSIV, crew boats), including very modern and sophisticated units equipped with dynamic positioning systems of DP2 and DP3 class);
  • Platforms of different types (self-elevating, semi-submersible, jack-up rigs, drilling rigs, construction rigs);
  • Gas carriers (LPG - Liquid petroleum gas carriers, LNG - Liquid natural gas carriers);
  • Dredging fleet (cutter suction dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, backhoe dredgers, bucket dredgers, deep suction dredgers, aggregate trailing suction hopper dredgers, split hopper barges, booster stations, stone dumping vessels, multicats).

In case you have an interest in an acquisition of a vessel of any particular type and size, please feel free to send us your inquiry stating technical requirements and available budget for acquisition. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will revert to you with our reply and list of suitable candidates.

You may also place at our web portal your offer for sale of your vessel. We will do our best to find potential buyers for her and sell your vessel at the best achievable terms.

We are a part of an efficient network of shipowners and fellow brokers around the world. Our knowledge of the market is backed with an extensive database of vessels being offered for sale worldwide. If your desired vessel has not been found in our online catalogue, please send us your inquiry, and we will do our best to find the off-market candidates for you. We can also assist with registering your newly purchased vessel under the new flag and, if needed, with the change of the classification society.

Our brokers successfully performed a number of sales and purchase transactions of second-hand vessels, contracted newbuildings in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, as well as sold numerous vessels for recycling in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, arranged towages of non-self-propelled and/or damaged ships. Our brokers have professional qualifications in Ship-management, Naval Architecture, as well as post-graduate diplomas from the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (London) and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy (London). We have more than 50 years of total experience in ship sale and purchase. The number of S&P deals, NB orders, and sales for demolition concluded by us are exceeding 600.

We work worldwide but have special expertise in the local markets of the FSU (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine).

Apart from finding for you the right vessel for acquisition or finding buyers for your vessel, we can assist you with an arrangement of towage, transportation of your craft onboard the heavy-lift vessel as well as finding long term employment or a single en route cargo for your ship.

Together with our close partners, we may provide additional services like

  • delivery of the vessel to the desired place of destination;
  • H&M and P&I insurance;
  • Reactivation of laid-up vessels, etc.

Many of the vessels which we may offer for sale can be found in our catalogue (see Vessels for sale). If you want to get more offers, please send us your purchase inquiry. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will conduct a thorough search at the open market as well as look into the possibility of fining private (off-market) candidates and revert with a list of suitable vessels meeting your technical requirements and priced within your named budget.